Frequently asked questions

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  • Can funding be applied for a research group?

           Yes, both personal grants as well as grants for a research group ca be applied for.

  • How big rants are typically awarded?

          Grants for a whole year's full-time work for PhD students are about 30 000 €

  • When are decisions made on the grants?

          Decisions on grants are made in October and all applicants are personally                                informed about the decision. 

  • Is the grant paid in one or several installments?

          The grant can be paid in one or several installments according to the request of the                receiver.

  • Is the use of the grant reported? 

          The use of the grant is reported in a informal report one year after admittance. If the grant has no been fully used by then, an intermediary report is                submitted. Please attach possible publications syntyneet during the grant period.    

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