Foundation for Nutrition Research

The purpose of the Foundation for Nutrition Research is to benefit Finnish agriculture and related food industry by promoting research and educational activities in nutrition, food science and associated biosciences.


In 1929,  Kemiantutkimus-Säätiö (Foundation for Chemistry Research) was founded on A.I. Virtanen's initiative.

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The Foundation awards prizes and grants and organizes scientific seminars.

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Grant call in August 2021

In 2021, the Foundation for Nutrition Research awards grants for research on   

Milk and gastrointestinal problems

The majority of Finnish adults consider having a sensitive stomach and milk is often suspected to be the cause of the problems. In addition to lactose, also milk proteins may  cause intolerance reactions in sensitive individuals. Processing of milk is often blamed for gastrointestinal problems, although processing can also be used to decrease milk-related adverse effects, as in the case of lactose-free milk. Research is needed on the different components of milk, especially proteins and effects of different processing methods on gastrointestinal symptoms in subjects of different ages.

The Foundation funds PhD theses and other theses as well as separate research projects. In 2021, the total amount of awards will be about 50 000 €.

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